Mehr Werte in der Personalberatung.

PELIUM Executive Search seit 2006

Analyse and work in a structured manner

Gain understanding

Understanding client goals is the key to success. We get to know what our clients’ needs are, and we find the required solutions on this basis. The company’s goals and the tasks that the future incumbent must perform are clarified in a personal dialogue.

Precise insights into the corporate culture round off the preliminary discussions.

Have a strategy when starting the search

We define the key qualifications for a successful search, propose specific sectors, regions and target companies to our clients and add to these upon request. A sector mapping contains relevant candidates. Our methodological network with defined loops selects top candidates. This leads to the defined target with calculable certainty.

Identify candidates

We always use the most up-to-date and correct information regarding a company and prepare customised documentation for each new project. We therefore offer results with a high success rate. In the personal approach, we also keep a close eye on the interests of the candidates and their motivation. We ensure results in our search because we look for the best of the best for our clients.

Professional suitability

We appraise professional skills using CVs, references and successfully generated projects, and we evaluate them. We show the candidates’ environment in detail and the type of work performed.

Personal suitability

The leadership potential and values of the candidate must undergo a detailed diagnostics process. We use recognised methods as a guide while carrying this out.

Cultural suitability

In a personal discussion with the candidate, we find out what the candidate’s values are and the goals that drive him/her.

Lead the search to its conclusion

Our detailed knowledge of the various sectors gives our clients valuable insights into the market (PELIUM sector mapping).

The candidates that have been approached and identified as suitable are listed clearly with a log of all details. We help in carrying out the aptitude diagnostics of the interested candidates. Modern methods and our expert consulting during interviews support our clients in making the right choice.

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